Out of hiding temporarily, Swedish singer Alina Devecerski returned this week to release a brand new track as part of the Feminsktiskt Initiativ compilation album. It’s ‘Mina Vänner Med Vapen’, and it’s awesome.

A moody track that soon realises that the best way to channel its anger is via a BIG SHOUTY POP CHORUS. The production is delightfully dark and raucous too. And listen out for the retro piano riff that serves as an instrumental bridge between the verse and chorus. We’re loving this something rotten.

Since her debut album, most well known of course for the almighty hit single ‘Flytta På Dej’, Alina has been throwing out the occasional new song here and there. All top quality, but yet nothing really seems to be sticking. And that’s an awful shame, because we find her to be one of the most promising “new” Swedish female artists there is – not sounding like anyone else out there. At all. Like, seriously. We really hope that she continues to churn out more songs in the standard she’s consistently kept to, and doesn’t start compromising her sound, or worse – give up altogether. A new Alina Devecerski songs isn’t as regular an occasion as we like, but when it does happen it’s always a good experience.



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