Alina Devecerski: ‘Gå För Långt’

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Alina Devecerski yesterday just casually released a BRAND NEW SONG. ‘Gå För Långt’, on an iTunes and Spotify near you.

The pleasing glimpse of new music follows on from last year’s ‘Maraton’ album which didn’t so much spawn the monster hit ‘Flytta På Dig’, as fired it out of its chuff like a flaming hot plum. We all know the story there, and we pretty much all loved it. That was one hell of a tune right there.

New track ‘Gå För Långt’ doesn’t stray too far away from the sound that we all encountered from her last year, that threw us into a state of heightened bewilderment, and converted us to whatever it was that she was ranting and raving about on each of her songs. Although it probably has more in common with ‘Jag Svar’ than the aforementioned ‘Flytta På Dig’. It’s got more of a melody going on in it, in both the tune and the production. And a rave set to a military beat as a post-chorus

‘Gå För Långt’ will be used as the theme tune to a new radio drama, Terapioffer, which premieres on June 29th on P4 Radio in Sweden.

However, you can already listen to it in full below, and buy it outside of Sweden too should it take your fancy.

Gå för långt - Gå för långt - Single


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