You gotta love Alina Devecerski – is there anyone else like her out there at the moment? No. And just when you think you know precisely what a new Alina Devecerski single is going to sound like, she goes and flips everything on its head.

For new single ‘Gnista + Gas’, the industrial punk rave is out. It’s words we never thought we’d type – it’s an Alina Devecerski ballad.

Admirably, she still manages to maintain the trademark frantic vocal though, which makes for an intriguing listen. But then an Alina Devecerski single wouldn’t be an Alina Devecerski single if it wasn’t an intriguing listen. This one’s got classic cinematic strings on it as well, FYI. Presumably she had some free hands after putting down her rave horns.

‘Gnista + Gas’ is the title track of her new EP out now, and follows on from her big comeback single a few months back – ‘Arme’.

Here’s the lyric vid;

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