Alexander & Henrik!

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What wonderful news!

Alexander Bard is working on a new musical project. It’s going to be called Gravitonas, and we will hear the first fruits of it in 2010. What’s even more exciting about this news is the fact that it’s a collaboration with (the quite attractive older man!) Henrik Wikstrom. Those who don’t know the name will certainly know the songs that he’s been responsible for. Where do we start……’Evighet’ by Carola, ‘Killing Me Tenderly’ by Anna & Maria, ‘Lay Your Love On Me’ by BWO, and ‘Cara Mia’ by Mans Zelmerlow, to name a few. Just what Alexander and Henrik may produce in the studio is something which is bound to be of the tippest, toppest quality!

It is just a side project for Alexander though, he’s not leaving BWO and he won’t be joining the band, just producing them. Much like he did with early Alcazar.

Here’s a photo of Henrik with Sanna Nielsen, so that you can judge the ‘handsome older man’ thing for yourselves!


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