Alexander Brown feat. Szhirley: ‘Sidste Gang’

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A brand new top notch dance track that’s doing the rounds in Denmark – ‘Sidste Gang’ by Alexander Brown feat. Szhirley.

Regular readers may recognise the Alexander Brown name, as we’ve written about him a couple of times before. Most notably, he was behind the ace ‘I Want You (To Want Me Back)‘ which featured the vocals of Alphabeat’s Stine Bramsen.

Regular readers may also at this stage know what we mean when we say that ‘Sidste Gang’ sounds very much like a Danish club track. And we don’t mean the language it’s being delivered in. This is the sort of synth music that the Danes do exceptionally well, and it seems to just exude “Danish Dance” as it plays out. Again leaving aside the language, we would know straight away that this is a Danish production. And we think/hope that the Danes are mighty proud of that. ‘Sidste Gang’ is another jewel of that genre.

Oh and Miss Szhirley here goes all out to redefine the word FIERCE in the video, just FYI.

WARNING: the first time we listened to this, it was through regular laptop speakers, and we didn’t think *that* much of it. Then we came back to it later in the day via massive Sennheiser head phones, and everything sounded a hell of a lot better. So we recommend you exercise a similar caution. It seems to be one of those songs that just demands HQ sound.

The single has been released outside of Denmark too, purchase fans.

Sidste Gang (feat. Szhirley) - Single - Alexander Brown



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