Alex Saidac: ‘Number Painting’

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New sounds, new era, new song“, exclaimed Alex Saidac today on The Internet, accompanied by the arrival of indeed a new song, demonstrating a new sound, and heralding the beginning of a new era.

We’re not gonna lie readers – Alex Saidac makes us feel a little nervous sometimes. Firstly, there’s always been the slightest hint of an indication that she did not like her previous musical output. And when WE like a popstar’s tunes as much as we liked Alex Saidac’s tunes, we don’t enjoy getting the impression that an artist isn’t loving their own work equally as much, or even partly as much as we are. It makes us feel silly as fans. If they don’t have 100% pride in their own music, isn’t that a little insulting to those of us who have invested time and enjoyment into it? And that’s the impression we always got from Alex – whether we’re correct or not in that assumption. So when she announced that she was going back to the drawing board with her music, we were apprehensive, but not really very surprised. And a little disappointed too.


Crikey, she hasn’t actually let us down at all. Does it sound completely different to previous pop gems like ‘We Shine’ and ‘Stay In This Moment’ and ‘Proud To Be A Problem’? Yes, it does. Is that a bad thing? No, it’s not.

‘Number Painting’ is a super exciting track that doesn’t really sound like anything else out there at the moment (and in fairness – that isn’t a compliment that could have been directed towards her previous songs). It’s still pop. It’s still pretty epic. There’s still a massive emphasis on having a massive chorus. But this is the pleasant sound of a popstar singing songs that she wants to sing – and sounding amazing while doing it. Straight off the bat, this new era is ON. And we don’t think any fans of her previous work will be disappointed in this. We, for one, are quite looking forward to hearing more. So she’s proved us, her doubters, wrong.

And it’s an effing free download as well – nice one Alex!


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