As reported here earlier in 2009, Alcazar are returning to the UK with their first release here for five years. ‘Burning’ was signed by 3 Beat back in March, but now they’re finally ready to unleash it – with an impressive remix package to accompany it.

1. Cahill Remix
2. Extended Mix
3. Daz Bailey Mix
4. Alex K Mix
5. Jorg Schmid Mix
6. Cahill Club Edit
7. UK Radio Edit

It’s impressive not just because there are four different remixers on there (as well as the original production in its edit and extended form), but because all four makeovers of the song are actually really good. There’s always the worry that when a song you love is given the remix treatment, it’s only ever going to be a disappointment. But while none of the remixes manage to beat the (perfect) original, all of them are welcome additions to Alcazar’s repertoire and an enjoyable listen in their own right.

Cahill have been rejigging so many pop songs this year and have arguably been the most prolific remixing team of 2009, with their mixes being well received and thus anticipated by fans of whatever act they’re dealing. They’ve turned ‘Burning’ into a ‘trendier’ club track that should give it a place in the playlists of a much wider selection of clubs that the radio edit probably wouldn’t have got. Plus it repeats our favourite part of the song – the bridge at the end of the middle eight, three times! The Jorg Schmid mix gives it a Cascada/AATW-lite make over. All commercial trance and dreamy piano – which we adore obviously. They even emulate the Cascada trend of giving the first verse a ballad feel to it, and then coming in strong on the chorus. The Alex K mix puts a donk on it, and we love the extended spaz-out that the song gets for the middle eight. And finally, even though the Daz Bailey mix cuts out the majority of the vocals, only keeping parts of the chorus, it works really well as an alternative mix. It turns it into an uplifting, hands in the air, trance anthem. It’s atmospheric the whole way through and we imagine it would go down very well with anyone under the influence of dancing drugs!

As always, with songs that we already love, the extended mix is our favourite! But this one comes in at under four minutes – couldn’t they have made it a lot longer?! Another small gripe is that they’ve trimmed the album version down to 2:36 for the radio edit.

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