ALBUM: Wiktoria – ‘Exposed’

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A Wiktoria album? This has been a long time in the making! Over five years since she released her debut single. And now she finally releases her debut album – ‘Exposed’.
And after all this time, what’s it like? An album that’s been carefully curated to present her to us as an artist who has just settled on and into her new sound. It’s fair to say that when most people hear the name Wiktoria, they think of the corkscrew-haired, country warbling, smiley faced youngster we all saw on the Melodifestivalen stage those first couple of years. Those two songs, and all of the singles that surrounded them, have been purposely omitted from this album. And instead, it’s a collection of songs that represent who she is now. The up-tempos lean more towards r&b-pop, and the ballads are soulful.
What’s on it? Four recent singles, two live versions of two more recent singles, plus four brand-new tracks.
Highlights? ‘Need You To Know’ was absolutely the correct choice as the album’s lead single. It’s the alpha ballad of this album, and comes with all the power behind it that would befit such a standing. Though we’re also big fans of the album’s beta ballad, as it happens – the gorgeous ‘Speak Out’. Best pop tune of the record though is undoubtedly its opener, ‘When It’s Good It’s Amazing’. A celestial soul-pop track that manages to be uplifting, despite being about a sloppy break-up-and-get-back-together-and-repeat situation. If Wiktoria were to pick only one direction from this album to move forward in, we’d like it to be this one please. With the occasional power ballad thrown to us for nourishment too.

You can find ‘When It’s Good It’s Amazing’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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