What’s this? After WOWing with her first two singles ‘Don’t Mind Me‘ and ‘Selfish‘, Swedish newcomer SVEA is out with her debut EP. ‘This Is’.
Highlights please. Give us highlights. WELL. Let us start by saying that hooray and hurrah, there is not a bad track amongst this seven-song EP. However, our instant faves have been ‘Stranger’ (Christ, that chorus) and ‘I Love You But I Love Me More’ (the album’s closing, hugely melodic ballad).
Nice – shall head to them first. But also there’s the excellent ‘Die for You’, which SVEA herself has chosen as the EP’s lead single, and released a video for – which you can watch below.
More from SVEA? More new music this summer, and a second EP this autumn.

You can find ‘Stranger’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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