ALBUM: Susanne Sundfør – ‘Ten Love Songs’

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I’ve been waiting for this. Haven’t we ALL! Now Susanne Sundfør’s new album ’Ten Love Songs’ has finally received a worldwide release. And it’s something very special indeed.
How special are we talking here? You know that icy Scandinavian synth sound that so many of our favourite artists do so splendidly? Well with ‘Ten Love Songs’, Susanne Sundfør has somehow managed to raise the already sky-high bar even higher. With this collection she’s mastered the sound to the extent that anyone else with an album coming out after her is going to have to re-invent the genre in order to top it. It’s genuinely brilliant.
And she does all this over ten songs? It’s less like ten individual songs and more like one lengthy sonic experience. There are no gaps between the songs, as she’s instead chosen to separate each of them with instrumental interludes that connect all of the songs together. It’s not even a new practice, but it does sort of feel like she’s broken the mould with her version of it.
And what’s the best of the bunch? It’s a must-listen from start to finish, but last year’s immense lead single ‘Fade Away’ is still the shiniest gem on here.


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