ALBUM: Saara Aalto – ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’

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A whole entire album?! Isn’t she generous?! Today, Finnish artist Saara Aalto releases her very first international album – ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’. Just before she flies to Lisbon to represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest, with ‘Monsters’.
What’s the album like? This is the kind of album that we get all too rarely these days. An artist deciding to go and make a pure, all-out, unashamed pop album. There was just one thing taken into consideration when making ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’ – cram it with nothing but REALLY GOOD pop songs. No other boxes needed to be ticked. And as simple as it sounds, it’s something that doesn’t happen a lot. Or anywhere near enough. For that reason, we all need to realise how good we have it with Saara Aalto being on the scene right now. Cherish her. But you don’t need us to tell you that – give this album one spin, and you’ll be a fan for life.
Highlights? Ok, this is the hard part. She’s really spoiled us with tunes here. Obviously ‘Monsters’ and ‘Domino’ are two of the best songs released this year so far, you already know that. On top of that, we’d say that ‘Sirens’ is probably our favourite of the new songs. It’s incredible. But we’re also head over heels with the album’s big ballad ‘Dance Like No One’s Watching’. And we also love Saara taking us to clubland with ‘My Touch’, back to the eighties with ‘DANCE’, and doing Gaga better than Gaga has done for years, with ‘Half A Heart’. Oh, and ‘Walking On Nails’ is basically the perfect pop song.
What a woman. And you can check out her full journey up until this point, with this little feature we put together last week.

You can find ‘Sirens’ (and ‘Monsters’ and ‘Domino’ still) on our Best New Pop playlist.

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