ALBUM: Molly Sandén – ‘Dom Ska Veta’

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(photo: Fredrik Etoall)

What’s this? Molly Sandén is today out with her new album – ‘Dom Ska Veta’.
What does that mean? They Should Know. The theme of the album is having the will and desire to own one’s own story, one’s own narrative, one’s own person and to have the freedom to write one’s own story, rather than having it involuntarily written.
What does Molly say?I screamed so loud but no one heard. Not even myself. This is for the little, insecure girl with the bad hairstyles, the corsets and all the dubious choices. Instead of being ashamed, I want to let everyone know.”
What’s on it? Three previously released singles and eight brand-new tracks.
What’s it like? It’s kind of like an album with three chapters to it. Starting off on a sonically manic note, the first few tracks are a heady mix of rave, pounding synths and lyrics of desparation and frustration. This then eases into a more reflective middle section, before ending on three tracks that offer up a positive outlook to finish on.
Highlights? Somewhat perversely, the twisted beginnings of the album are where we find our favourites. It’s Molly channeling a whole new facet to her sound – and quite impressively mastering it, adding yet another sonic string to her bow. Elsewhere on the album though, ‘Dag För Dag’ probably has the most potential to be a future hit single.
More from Molly? In keeping with the theme of the album, she’s delved into the video archives of her career to release a music video for the album’s title track and intro – ‘Dom Ska Veta‘.

You can find ‘Nån Annan Nu’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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