ALBUM: Miss Li – ‘Wonderful Misery’

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What’s this? Swedish artist Miss Li is back today with the English-language recording of her latest album. The original album, her ninth overall, but her first in Swedish, was released in September – titled ‘Underbart i All Misär’.
What does that mean? Wonderful In All Its Misery.
And is that the title of the English-language album? Almost. Today she’s released ‘Wonderful Misery’. Featuring English-language recordings of all the songs on the Swedish album.
Wasn’t the album practically a Greatest Hits collection? You could say that – of this latest era of hers. The album features six huge hit singles, but also five brand-new tracks.
What are the new tracks like? In news that will surprise literally nobody, all five of ’em sound like they could have joined their album mates and become whopping great big singles in their own right. Each one very different to the other, too. Although it’s fair to surmise that the new tracks are collectively the more down-tempo songs on the record.
What does Miss Li say?For me, writing in recent years has gone from being something that is just a little fun sometimes, to something that is completely vital to my existence. Why am I who I am? Why do I do as I do? Why do I insist on making the same mistake over and over again? It has become my therapy, my weapon, my water, my bread. So many songs and lyrics were written for this album. With the will to change. For the better. Only a fraction of them made the cut. ‘Wonderful In All Its Misery’ became the title and the words that made me realise that things are not so black or white, although it can feel that way sometimes. Because maybe the misery can also be quite wonderful sometimes? This is my journey, my therapy, my self-examination.
English-language highlights? Well it’s certainly a blessing to finally have a new version of ‘Utan Dig’ to listen to, if only just to freshen things up a bit. We’ve been playing ‘Utan Dig’ a LOT in recent months. And we plan on doing the same with ‘Without You’ over the coming months.

You can find ‘Without You’ on our Best New Pop playlist, and both albums below;

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