ALBUM: Måns Zelmerlöw – ‘TIME’

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What’s this? The brand-new album from Måns Zelmerlöw – his sixth. This is ‘TIME’.
What does Måns say? “The album is called ‘TIME’ because it’s a chronological journey from a couple of years ago – sometimes even earlier than that – up until now. I’ve always wanted to make an album that tells a story from start to finish. Making this entire album has been like one long therapy session about the past for me. Therapy that I didn’t even know that I needed at the time. It’s been really nice to be able to talk about and write about it. This is the most honest album I’ve ever made, and I hope that the themes are universal and relatable enough”.
What’s on it? The single, ‘Walk With Me’, the buzz tracks from earlier in the year, ‘Better Now’ and ‘Grow Up To Be You’, and the new single ‘One’. The album is split into two halves – five tracks, an interlude, and a final six tracks.
Highlights? The epic power-ballad that is ‘Mirror’ is probably the big highlight of the record. It’s monumental. We also gravitated towards to the playful synth-stylings of ‘Careless’, the honesty of the biographical lyrics in ‘On My Way’ and what is probably the best execution of the sound that he will most likely follow-on with beyond this album, ‘Real Life’.
A great album? He’s calling it by far his best album to date. But given the fact that earlier this year he did the unforgivable and publicly slated his earlier work, it’s now somewhat difficult to invest too much into what he puts his name to, without wondering if in ten years’ time he’ll be referring to what you like of his right now, as pretty damn awful. Nonetheless, we’ll take him for his word on this, and join him in his enthusiasm for this new record. It’s funny that the track ‘Time’ ends up being the instrumental interlude on this album, though – as the album ‘TIME’ feels like an interlude itself, in his career. An album in which he stops, takes stock of the past, and readjusts to the changes in his life right now. As a result, what we end up being really excited about at the end of ‘TIME’, is exactly what might be coming next!

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