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An actual album?! From LÉON?! It’s taken a while hasn’t it? But after singles aplenty, three EPs, and a bit of a break, Swedish artist LÉON is now out with her debut album – ‘LÉON’.
What does LÉON say?Over the past few years, I’ve learned how to go with my gut and steer the wheel myself,” she says. “If it doesn’t feel right to me, I don’t pursue it. In the end, I stand behind the music I make, and I’m in control. I hear certain instruments in my head and bring in those influences. This time, I really honed in on a sound—it’s something I’ve had in my head forever, but didn’t bring to life until now.”
What’s on it? Three recent singles, six brand-new songs, and a kind-of ‘voice memo’ recording of a song.
Highlights please? Well first and foremost, you must hear what is potentially her strongest single ever, if you’ve yet to have heard it. ‘Falling’.
Heard it. Loved it. What else please? ‘Hope Is A Heartache’ IS heartachingly gorgeous. ‘What You Said’ is sounding like an absolute epic. And ‘You And I’ is up-tempo, synthpop joy – not what you would expect from her, but she does it brilliantly.
Noted. But the great thing about this album is that it works so well from start to finish – thanks to LÉON’s vocal just piecing everything together so well. And it’s so good to hear what an album of hers actually sounds like.

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