ALBUM: Fyr Og Flamme – ‘Fyr Og Flamme’

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They’ve managed to stretch this whole thing out into an entire album?! This whole what?! We’ll have you know that Fyr Og Flamme were having hits in Denmark before gracing the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with their presence – and will be having hits after it. Eurovision was an extension of their prime place in the pop-o-sphere, not their sole raison d’être.
Well then in that case, let’s get straight to that dansk dansegulv! And this serves as the perfect soundtrack to said excursion. The debut album from Fyr Og Flamme. Titled – what else – ‘Fyr Og Flamme’!
What’s on it? Ten tracks. Made up of four previously released singles – one of which is their Eurovision banger – and six brand-new songs.
What’s it like? It’s basically a concept album. With the concept being the mission to take you back to the early ’80s to give you the night of your life.
And how do they do that? They’re clearly big fans of pop music coming from that era – with a lot of love and respect for it. All of the correct reference points are hit, to the extent that they even go so far as naming those exact reference points in the lyrics of the song ‘Dansemusik’. Listening to this album is a treat for anyone who has ever wanted to experience attending a disco back in the ’80s – specifically in Denmark, we guess. And it’ll be even more of a treat for anyone who actually did get to hit those dansk dansegulve. There are even a couple of smooch anthems included, to bring back those bonus feels.
Highlights? The whole album is a joy you should afford yourself for 37 minutes. But ‘112’ is the one song that stood out more than any other from the experience (and it really was an experience) of listening to this record. A standalone wave of genius in a sea of brilliance.
And just as a matter of interest – how exactly did they do at Eurovision? They finished an agonising 11th in their semi final. Had the miserable old juries been banned from taking part, then the public televote would have had them in 7th place – and Denmark in that Eurovision final where they belonged. So now you know.

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