What’s this? With their singles having clocked up a combined total of over 135 million streams, Swedish group Estraden are now out with their debut album. ‘Mellan Hägg Och Syrén’.
135 million streams?! Featuring artists like Victor Leksell and Molly Sandén, and including already modern classics such as ‘Vi Två’, ‘Dansar Med Mig Själv’ and ‘Bra För Dig’, they’ve spent over 500 days on the Spotify chart on their native Sweden. Which is pretty incredible stuff.
What else is on the album? There are eight hits, four brand-new songs, and there are also five intros/interludes, which serve to split the album into various sections – resulting in a record that tells a story as you sit down and listen to it.
Highlights? Our fave is still the absolute stunner that is ‘Bra För Dig’, which now comes with its own intro on the album – elevating the experience of listening to the song that bit further.

You can find ‘Aldrig Mer Vara Du’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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