A collection of Esther Vallee songs? A treat and a half, right? Or rather, six. One of Sweden’s best new artists has just released her EP ‘Things We Never Talk About’.
What does Esther say? “This is my first EP where I’m presenting some of the most emotional years of my life. Every song has its own story from relationships both from my past and from my present. Every story is about things I feel we don’t talk about enough in life. Things we feel ashamed of or just things we feel are too hard to share. Cause, somehow it’s in a human being’s nature to think that no one could ever feel the same as you do. I wanna remind people to talk about it more. Then maybe just one little soul out there would realize that she or he is not alone”
What are the best tracks? We raved about her singles ‘Hardcore’ and ‘Numbers’ at the time, and we’re still raving about (and to) them now.
Ok, but what are the best of the new tracks? ‘Higher’ and ‘Get It Done’ both would have been great single choices in their own right too, and they’re the two we’re marking out as future obsessions of ours. But really, the whole EP serves as a superb listen from start to finish – and gives us more insight into this excellent artist.

You can find ‘Hardcore’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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