Norwegian producer Carl Louis (formerly of CLMD) has got a stunner of a new album out. He’s come out with ‘Memory Lane’ – a collection of eight songs. Five instrumental tracks, and three absolute beauties on which he’s recruited the vocal talents of his fellow Pride of Norway – Frøder. We hope he’ll excuse the lazy comparison, but ‘Memory Lane’ is sonically a lot like a Röyksopp album. An exceedingly well produced electro record on which the big-name vocal tracks are the finest moments. And the same is applied here for all three of Frøder’s collabs – ‘Come With Me’, ‘Easy’, and ‘Solitude’. A dreamy production that combines bass-driven synths with majestic orchestral arrangements. With Frøder’s ethereal vocal being the particularly icy icing on an ambitiously layered cake.

You can find our pick of the three ‘Come With Me’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist. And you can listen to whole album right here;


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