ALBUM: Benjamin Ingrosso – ‘Identification’

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Today, Swedish artist Benjamin Ingrosso finally releases that debut album of his. He’s named it ‘Identification’, as he hopes it will give the listener some insight into the many sides of him, both musically and as a person. And since he’s co-written all of the 12 songs on here, it’s very much a clear and total presentation of himself.

There’s most definitely that mixture of styles that was implied in that title and the reasons behind it. And while he doesn’t shy away from many, he successfully manages to not suck at any either. On the album, we have Benjamin visiting clubland (‘All I See Is You’), sounding like he’s about to become the biggest popstar around the globe (‘Behave’), drifting in and out creative genius consciousness (‘No Sleep’), and taking every sound he can think of and putting them together in the most perfect way possible (‘So Good So Fine When You’re Messing With My Mind’).

While we were all concentrating on fancy LED lights flashing behind him, Benjamin Ingrosso was busy becoming one of the best artists that Sweden has to offer the world right now. Here’s how;


Produced by: Gladius
Written by: Madison Love, James Wong, Benjamin Ingrosso & Erik Hassle
The new single. And it shows. Production wise, it’s on a different level to anything else on here. And it’s not really like anything else out there at the moment either. ‘Behave’ is the sound of Benjamin Ingrosso casually stepping up a tier. Don’t forget about us when you’re famous worldwide, eh Benji?

I Wouldn’t Know
Produced by: Noah Conrad & Omega
Written by: Annika Wells, Jake Torrey, Noah Conrad, Omega & Benjamin Ingrosso
His most recent single, which you will all know – and most probably adore – by now. The perfect summer song. Though it’s still sounding awesome even though we’ve left the summer months behind. Master of trans-seasonal anthems.

I’ll Be Fine Somehow
Produced by: Axident
Written by: MoZella, Benjamin Ingrosso & Axident
A BenjiBallad! He’s been at this popstar lark since 2015, but has yet to release a proper, fully-fledged ballad. And we’re all for that, in our popstars. But ‘I’ll Be Fine Somehow’ demonstrates that he’s secretly been a great hand at them all this time. It’s the best kind of ballad – the heartbreak kind. These were the feelings that were going on underneath the notion of dancing someone off. Deep, right?

So Good So Fine When You’re Messing With My Mind
Produced by: Hampus Lindvall
Written by: Rollo Spreckley, Benjamin Ingrosso & Hampus Lindvall
This is THE ONE! Or at least one of our two big faves on here. Even better than any of the singles he’s released before now. Any of them. Even ‘Do You Think About Me’. Even the Swedish translation of ‘Do You Think About Me’. It’s a brilliant kind of bonkers. Sonically all over the place, but produced in a way that makes it seem like it’s a masterpiece. Which it might well be. And we hear what you’re singing in that chorus, Benjamin – that censoring sound ain’t fooling no one. Absolute filth.

Produced by: Noah Conrad
Written by: Alma Gudmundsdottir, Parker James, Noah Conrad & Benjamin Ingrosso
Benjamin’s response to anyone suggesting that he’s here merely because of his surname (either of the two surnames he’s used over the years). But he ain’t bitter. The song is upbeat, jovial, and doused in La La Land loveliness.

No Sleep
Produced by: Fernando & Omega
Written by: Nick Long, Jake Torrey, Fernando, Ramiro, Omega & Benjamin Ingrosso
An ironic title given that the tone of the song is set to ‘barbiturate haze’. ‘No Sleep’ will leave Lana Del Rey quaking, right down to the “waking up in Malibu” line. Another of our big faves on the record. And we love hearing him sing like we’ve never heard him sing before. Master of versatitlity.

Love Songs
Produced by: Fernando & Omega
Written by: Fernando, Ramiro, Nick Long, Jake Torrey, Omega & Benjamin Ingrosso
Ok, so Benjamin clearly loved himself so much after penning ‘No Sleep’, that he decided to write a follow-up in the same sound and style. Master of knowing when you’ve stumbled upon something good. ‘Love Songs’ tackles the idea of someone only loving him ‘cos he keeps writing them love songs. He does realise that there’s a whole lot more people that are gonna be loving him after hearing this album, right?

Good Intentions
Produced by: Hampus Lindvall
Written by: Sam Fisher, Hampus Lindvall & Benjamin Ingrosso
Not the album’s high point, by any stretch. It may well have stood up just fine on its own, but surrounded by such top-notch jams, it pales a little in comparison, unfortunately. Elevated somewhat though, via a funked up and spaced out production.

All I See Is You
Produced by: Didrik Franzen, Hampus Lindvall & Kungs
Written by: Didrik Franzen, Kungs, Hampus Lindvall, Markus Sepehrmanesh & Benjamin Ingrosso
Outstanding. Our second big highlight on the album, after track four. ‘All I See Is You’ finds Benjamin in a blissed out trance – soundtracked by some blissed out dance. Disco influenced, right down to the fade-out at the end. Another one that’s even better than anything he’s released as a single so far. That good.

If This Bed Could Talk
Produced by: Hampus Lindvall & K. Nita
Written by: K. Nita & Benjamin Ingrosso
Not the sauce fest you would expect with a title like that, it is actually the album’s big ballad! And not just that, but with the melody and arrangement of a veritable Disney ballad. Benjamin stretches his vocal delivery to match the sweetness of the song. And he succeeds.

Dance You Off
Produced by: Mag (producer) & Louis Schoorl
Written by: K. Nita, Marco Borrero, Benjamin Ingrosso & Louis Schoorl
With hindsight, this song is even better if you imagine it’s directed at televoters. Eurovision was months ago, but our opinion hasn’t changed: ‘Dance You Off’ should have done so much better on the final scoreboard. At least 5th. At most 2nd. Behind ‘Fuego’, of course. We still dig this song like it’s treasure.

Produced by: Hampus Lindvall
Written by: Benjamin Ingrosso
Falling somewhere between a stripped back demo and a hasty live recording. Either way though, it doesn’t quite belong on such an otherwise stellar album. He must really really love it. Master of the concept of following one’s heart in art.

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