What’s this? The debut album from Norwegian pop superstar Astrid S. ‘Leave It Beautiful’.
She’s yet to release an album before now?! It’s been a long time coming, we know. She did actually have one ready a year or two ago – but decided to scrap it and start again, as she wanted all new songs on there. A fresh slate, as it were. And this is it.
What’s on it? Her three most recent singles, plus seven brand-new songs.
Highlights pls? Ooooof. There are quite a few to choose from – it’s an album that’s been packed with high-quality pop and nothing more. But ok, here we go. Title track ‘Leave It Beautiful’ stands out as the kind of synthpop rave-up that Robyn would serve as a comeback single. ‘Good Choices’ reaches the top-tier balladry level of her biggest hit to date ‘Hurts So Good’. ‘Airpods’ sounds like it’s in lead in the running to be her next single – thanks to its unlike-anything-else-out-there eccentricities. And then ‘Hits Different’, just…
Don’t say it. It just hits different! It does!
So it’s an awesome album? It sounds less like an album and more like a Greatest Hits collection – of songs that are lined up and ready to become her greatest hits. Every track on here could be a single for her.
Astrid Yes. Quite.

You can find ‘Leave It Beautiful’ (the song, not the whole album – though we were tempted) on our Best New Pop playlist.

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