A new album from Amanda Jenssen?! Kind of. She’s very sensibly cashed in on her quite considerable success on Så Mycket Bättre, and released an album that is made up of the six songs she delivered for that show, plus seven of her biggest hits throughout her career previously.
So it’s a Greatest Hits, like what Agnes did after her time on the show in 2013? Yes, but not as comprehensive. More like a Best Of.
And does it include her ACTUAL best track that she’s ever released? Yes – her first ever single ‘Do You Love Me’ is on there as it well should be. We were almost concerned that she’d kind of turned her back on it. But very pleased that she hasn’t.
She was the undoubted STAR of this season of Så Mycket Bättre wasn’t she? Well we were firmly #TeamCarola, but credit where it’s due – Amanda’s cover versions far surpassed Carola’s in popularity. And she’s become something of a national sweetheart as a result. It’ll be VERY interesting to see how she follows it up.


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