ALBUM: Ace of Base – ‘Hidden Gems’

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What’s this? Ace of Base have released a new album. Well – a compilation album featuring rare and previously unreleased tracks. Hidden gems, as it were. This was the first single, from last month – ‘Would You Believe
Is it any good? It may be an album of what are essentially remastered and polished up album rejects from yesteryear – but it’s a damn sight better than a lot of the pop albums that have so far been released in 2015. Ace of Base – we salute you. One of the best bands OF ALL TIME.
Highlights? There are so many highlights. ‘Go Go Go’ is a ridiculously catchy pop titan, as is ‘Don’t Stop’ – whereas ‘Make My Day’ is just plain ridiculous (and that’s a good thing btw). ‘Giving It Up’ sounds so much like early Ace of Base, that it borders on parody (and that’s also a good thing). ‘Come To Me’ is basically ‘Beautiful Life’ part 2. ‘Into The Night of Blue’ is from the late 90s, but sounds like it could be a hit for a Swedish girl nowadays.
Anything else? There is actually! As well as releasing the ‘Hidden Gems’ album, Ace of Base have also released remastered versions of their first four studio albums (and the US versions that exists too – so SEVEN in total). And they’ve included a bonus track on each of them – a track that was left off the album first time around, and which doesn’t appear on ‘Hidden Gems’ either.
Wow. Anything else? YES! They’ve also uploaded all of their pop vids to their YouTube channel. AND the ‘Home Video’ VHS that they released in the mid 90s. Check it all out here.


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