Agnes: The Så Mycket Bättre Collection!

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So yeah, Agnes turned out to be quite amazing at the whole Så Mycket Bättre thing in the end. As expected, she was up there with all of the best that’s come from that show so far. Perhaps even going so far as being the most consistent artist that’s ever been on the series – turning in nothing short of a stellar song each and every week, and always singing it to perfection. We expected a lot from her, but she actually went and exceeded those high expectations. So it’s a big hearty YAY for her.

What happens next is going to be interesting. Past participants have set a high benchmark once finishing their time on Så Mycket Bättre. September became Petra Marklund and released one of the most successful songs and albums of recent years in Sweden, off the back of her appearance on it. And Laleh went on to put out the huge ‘Some Die Young’. Agnes has so far followed a similar trend to those two – being the one who has gotten all of the hits, the number 1s, the radio plays, and the YouTube views in her season of the show. So the door is wide open for her to potentially become even bigger than she ever has before. Either way though, whatever she comes out with next, it’s blatantly going to be a good listen. And we’re already looking forward to it.

Below we’ve gathered up all six of her performances from Så Mycket Bättre. Six fantastic songs, with not a dud amongst them. And each one very different from the other.

All six tracks will be available on her Greatest Hits album, ‘Collection’, which comes out at the end of this month. You can already pre-order it on CD from our online store.

Instant Repeater


En Sån Karl

Nu Måste Vi Dra

Allt Ljus På Mig

Hanna Från Arlöv


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