Agnes: The ‘On & On’ UK mixes

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agnes elle3 Beat Records have put together a good selection of remixes for the third Agnes single in the UK. ‘On & On’ first came to light in August 2008, and has since been heralded as a perfect piece of scandipop, deservedly so. However, it’s been mercilessly tampered with and transformed into different versions for various territories of release around the world – much to the annoyance of fans of Agnes and of the song. All ears and eyes turned to 3 Beat when they announced that ‘On & On’ would be the next single in the UK, and we all wondered just what sort of version they would come up with for its latest release. And whilst it’s obviously not as good as the perfect original, it’s far better than any of the other mixes we’ve been subjected to. In fact, a lot of internet music fans have actually said that they prefer the new UK version.

Well 3 Beat have hopefully appeased fans even more now, they certainly should do, as the new remix package is fantastic! Our favourites, Cahill and 7th Heaven are on board, as are Warren Clarke and Benny Benassi. We’ve all heard the Benassi remix before, as it leaked online a few months back, but for those who haven’t, it’s a half electro, half trance, sometimes ecclesiastical reworking! The Warren Clarke remix is much more house, quite funky house in fact. It’s very piano heavy, and it even has bells on it (no piece of music has EVER been made worse by the inclusion of bells on it!). Apart from that though, it all sounds a bit copy and paste, and the music doesn’t vary enough throughout the song, it often sounds like it’s just on a 5 second loop. It still manages to sound great though, and we’re probably only throwing that criticism out there because we’re comparing it to the flawless remixes from Cahill and 7th Heaven.

The Cahill mix is the most beat laden of the lot. The chorus thuds along unrelentlessly, and we bet it’s going to be the most incredible thing to dance to! This mix also manages to incorporate some pieces of music from the album version (we love it when remixes do this), such as some guitar, strings, and that flamenco bit that ends each chorus! The 7th Heaven mix is the cheesiest – and therefore our favourite. It’s piano based, but not in a funky house way, more in a ‘When Love Takes Over’ way. And it’s almost as beat heavy as the Cahill mix too. Plus, we think that the vocal from Agnes sits alongside this mix much better than it does any of the other remixes. It sounds like it could be a dance track in its own right.


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