Agnes and all of her fans may have moved on to the magic of her new single ‘All I Want Is You‘, but her previous hit ‘One Last Time’ is still doing ‘the business’, what with all of the amazingnessness that it exudes, and everything. The latest burst of genius comes via a new remix.

We’ve already had the original, the official “dance mix“, the Orion remix, and now Swedish house supremo John Dahlbäck has been commissioned to get his expensive paws on it.

His remix is certainly more dance, than love or indeed, pop. And it’s more a re-imagining of the song, using minimal excerpts from the Agnes original. But it’s a great piece of Swedish house music that he’s created, with the added novelty of including parts of a song that we all already know and love.

The ‘One Last Time’ single has been ‘handled’ terrifically from start to finish, we must say. An obviously brilliant song that’s been given a great videoa powerful first live TV performance, some already fab remixes as linked to above, and now this re-worked version of it is a splendid way to close the chapter on what’s undoubtedly and deservedly been one of Agnes’ biggest career highlights in her native Sweden so far. It really seems to have elevated her onto a higher level of stardom and appreciation in Sweden, one that we’ve wanted her to have for a long time.

One Last Time (Remixes) - Single - Agnes



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