This week on Så Mycket Bättre it was Ken Ring’s turn to have his hits reinterpreted by his castmates.

Agnes took on ‘Nu Måste Vi Dra’, and really she couldn’t have made it sound any more different to the original than she did. Granted turning his rap verse into something to sing to was always going to be a total overhaul of the song, but even the chorus was given a sharper accentuation of the melody. She turned the song into a dramatic, anthemic electropop number. Like a camper version of one of Robyn’s better tracks.

Obviously we love it.

‘Nu Måste Vi Dra’ was released last night and is already at number 2 on Swedish iTunes, where it joins ‘Allt Ljus På Mig‘ and ‘En Sån Karl‘ – both of which are still in the Top 10.



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