Orion, the ABSOLUTE GENIUS behind this ‘In The End‘ single from earlier this summer, has just gone and remixed another of our favourite songs of the summer – ‘One Last Time’ by Agnes.

The remix has today been featured on Popjustice.com in the UK (good stuff), and they’ve also pointed readers towards a nice little blog post about the song from Orion himself, which is a jolly good read. This new remix actually isn’t a million miles away from Orion’s own ‘In The End’, which we’ve linked to above – and that is in absolutely no way a bad thing. Both immense pieces of music, the pair of them.

More Agnes related amazingness – today we started previewing the songs from her new album ‘Veritas’. Right here you can listen to the first one, ‘Into The Sun’.

One Last Time (Remixes) - Single - Agnes



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