Så Mycket Bättre returned to Swedish TV last night. Seven weeks of seven well established artists singing each other’s songs. The line-up this year features Tityo, Lill Lindfors, Ebbot Lundberg, Ulf Dageby, Ken Ring, Bo Sundström, and our very own Agnes!

The first night was the night of Lill Lindfors, where each of the singers did their own version of one of her songs. Agnes went for one of Lill’s most famous songs, ‘En Sån Karl‘ – a schlager track which was later made arguably even more notorious in Sweden by Anne-Lie Rydé (this performance is EVERYTHING). Agnes stayed away from the schlager though, and instead turned it into an atmospheric mid-tempo ballad. She brought her own ‘Veritas’ sound into play, or at least the Jonas Quant produced opening trinity of ‘Amazing’, ‘Walk Out Of Here’, and ‘All I Want Is You’. Capitalising on just how successful ‘One Last Time’ was in Sweden last year, Agnes made it THAT Agnes whom we can hear in ‘En Sån Karl’. She created a gorgeous love ballad out of a cheeky schlager anthem.

Swedes can listen to the full thing via Spotify or iTunes below. Everyone else – have a listen to the 90 second iTunes preview;

[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Agnes-ESK-preview.mp3|titles=Agnes ESK preview]

At the time of writing it’s already number 2 on Swedish iTunes (behind who else – Avicii!)



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