Ace of Base: Let It Play (out in public!)

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Here’s the new Ace of Base;

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It’s a bit of a complicated one though, and there is some filthy laundry being aired in public today! Despite promising to change the name of the new line up, upon request from Jenny (who has left the band along with her sister Linn), this hasn’t happened. And original members Jonas and Ulf are soldiering on with using the Ace of Base name for the new incarnation of the group which includes two new girls, Julia and Clara.

Jenny’s not happy about this though. But rather than (or perhaps, as well as) attempting to sort the matter out privately with her own brother Jonas, she’s taken to her facebook and twitter this morning with the following statement to her fans; ”About the name: Nobody have contacted me or my sister about anything, allthough we all four have legally equally shares of the name”

Oh dear. Things do look like they’re going to get messy before they get better.

In the meantime though, the new group have announced that they will be releasing first single ‘Let It Play (On The Radio)’ later this summer. It’ll be sent to Swedish radio in late July. An album is expected to follow in September. And in spite of the legal mess and the fall out, we really can’t wait to hear new music from the guys. Jonas and Ulf produced some of the best pop music of all time in the nineties and it’s been far too long since we’ve heard anything new from them.

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