A weekend with Arja Saijonmaa!

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Last night we watched a thoroughly charming piece of television that we’d recommend you watch if you have a free 22 minutes this week. It’s a series going on in Sweden right now in which Carina Berg ‘moves in’ with a celebrity for a day or so each week. And in last night’s episode, the one and only Arja Saijonmaa was the celebrity subject! It’s great viewing not just because of Arja herself (this woman should be on television 24/7!), but also because of the absolutely stunning scenery surrounding Arja’s summer house in Finland, which is where the episode was filmed. It’s oh so beautiful. As for Arja, she proves herself to be very very likeable – a brilliant mix of being the sweetest old lady, so much fun, utterly fabulous, and touchingly emotional. We loved her before this, but we absolutely adore her now!

If you’re pushed for time though, we’d recommend you skip to the mark 5 minutes and 40 second mark for the most AMAZING part of all – Arja Saijonmaa comes parading into her living room, singing ‘Högt Över Havet’, WEARING THE OUTFIT FROM THE FAMOUS PERFORMANCE AT MELODIFESTIVALEN 1987!

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