A scandipop advent! Day 9: ‘Inga’s XXXmas’, by Inga from Sweden.

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Inga from Sweden (yes, that really is her full artist name) is the type of act that we used to get a lot of in the late 90’s. Novelty bubblegum Eurotrash! But a few years ago, Warner Music Sweden decided to take those 90’s sensibilities (and 70’s video technologies!) and come out to wave the flag again with Inga from Sweden. Her debut single, ‘My Name Is Inga’,  was quite brilliant, the follow up, ‘Mama Paparazzi‘, less so. But it always seemed like she’d be perfect for our favourite variety of Christmas song – the cheap novelty kind!

And so we were blessed with ‘Inga’s XXXmas’! And not only is the song a must-hear, but the video is a must-see too. If only for the complete and utter WTFness.

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