A scandipop advent! Day 2: ‘Spin Me A Christmas’, Aqua.

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Aqua’s brief (but not final!) return to music last year to release a Greatest Hits album, brought with it this festive gem. Thinking about it, 90’s Aqua were the epitome of an act that should have released a Christmas single, they would have been perfect for it. But they never did. Thankfully though, that wrong was righted last Christmas with this single, which comes complete with a video styled on their older ones (presented in Aquascope, starring credits, etc). Lyrically, it contains a lot of their usual tongue in cheek genius, with gems such as;

”This is the season where that Wham song damages your head, and all the dreams of white Christmas are getting you wet”
”Look up for red and white Santa on your soda machine, if not for Coca-Cola he would still have been green”


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