A Redefinition of the album campaign!

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Over in Denmark, Infernal have turned around the album campaign for ‘Electric Cabaret’ by going and releasing the best song from it as the new single. ”Well wasn’t that obviously going to happen?” we imagine hearing you ask……….well it did take them 4 singles into the album to do this, so we weren’t holding our breath actually!

4bf3d90882110604203a8c0aeb45964cRight from the beginning, ‘Redefinition’ was the fan favourite. Its dramatic, theatrical feel, mixed with the usual Infernal club sound was an obvious triumph, and the bold and brash lyrics only made the song even better. However, the band went with ‘Downtown Boys’, ‘Whenever You Need Me’, and ‘Electric Light’ as the first three singles instead.

alb39462It hasn’t done badly in Denmark per say – the album has performed quite well, and all three singles went top 10. But what’s been lacking is any internaional interest, and as a result, neither the album nor its singles have yet to chart anywhere outside of their home territory in Denmark. Even the rest of the Scandinavian countries haven’t come on board with it. And this is quite a disappointing result after the phenomenal international success of the last album and its SEVEN singles!

If anything is going to turn this around though, it’s the stunning ‘Redefinition’. And to help its cause even further, a video has been made for it! It’s a classy affair set in a stately home that’s been turned into a nightclub with a strict dress code! It’s an enjoyable piece with a fantastic dance breakdown in the middle eight. Our favourite part though is during the second verse – which sees Lina sing solo in an empty room, with a wind machine making her long, thin, delicate frock go a bit mental!

Here it is;

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