A Glimpse into the 2024 Melodi Grand Prix: Norway’s Finest Talents

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Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2024, a prestigious musical event, is set to captivate audiences with its eclectic mix of artists. This competition, which serves as a gateway to the Eurovision Song Contest, is an annual celebration of talent, creativity, and diversity in the Norwegian music scene.

Favourites to Win

Two past Eurovision performers stand out as favourites, stirring excitement and anticipation among fans.

KEiiNO, the beloved trio, is making a notable return for the third time. They previously captivated the Eurovision audience in 2019, winning the popular vote with their unique blend of joik and pop music. In 2021, they achieved a commendable second place in MGP. 

KEiiNO member Alexandra Rotan expresses the group’s excitement and hope for this year’s competition, highlighting their dream to win Eurovision since their early days. They return with an energetic song, aiming to entertain and engage the audience once more. KEiiNO’s consistent popularity and unique musical style make them strong contenders for this year’s title.

Margaret Berger is another familiar name making a comeback. Berger, a previous MGP winner, is remembered for her performance in Eurovision 2013, where she secured a fourth-place finish with “I Feed You My Love.” Known for her striking white dress during that performance, Berger promises something completely different this year. While staying true to her musical genre, she hints at a significant change in her stage presentation, sparking curiosity and anticipation among her fans. Her previous success and experience in Eurovision and MGP make her a formidable and intriguing participant in this year’s competition.

Both KEiiNO and Berger bring a mix of nostalgia and fresh creativity to the Melodi Grand Prix 2024, making them favourites to watch in this year’s contest. Their past performances and current enthusiasm suggest they are ready to once again make a significant impact on both the Norwegian and international music stages.

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The Contestants: A Diverse Lineup

The 2024 edition features 18 dynamic acts, each bringing its own unique flavour to the competition. Among the contestants are:

First Heat (13 January)

  • Margaret Berger with “Oblivion”
    • Margaret Berger is a familiar name in the competition, having won MGP in 2013 and placed fourth in Eurovision with “I Feed You My Love.”
  • Myra performing “Heart on Fire”
    • Myra, an award-winning songwriter and artist from Bergen, has established herself in the Norwegian music scene with songs like “Hjemløs i egen by” and “Dovre faller.”
  • Ingrid Jasmin with “Eya”
    • Ingrid Jasmin brings a unique electro-acoustic blend of traditions, earning international attention, including a mention by Billboard.
  • GOTHMINISTER performing “We Come Alive”
    • GOTHMINISTER, the creative project of Bjørn Alexander Brem, combines impressive costumes and music. The song “We Come Alive” reflects the value of play and self-belief.
  • Fredrik Halland with “Stranded”
    • After gaining experience in Los Angeles working with renowned artists, Fredrik Halland returns to Norway to focus on his solo career with “Stranded.”
  • Mathilde SPZ ft. Chris Archer & Slam Dunk performing “Woman Show”
    • Mathilde SPZ, known for her energetic stage presence, collaborates with Chris Archer and Slam Dunk in a party song for introverts.

Second Heat (20 January)

  • Gåte with “Ulveham”
    • Gåte, known for their blend of Norwegian folk music and rock, has seen significant success and returns after a 12-year break.
  • Super Rob & Erika Norwich performing “My AI”
    • Erika Norwich teams up with Super Rob, an AI-powered robot, for an innovative musical experience.
  • Mileo with “You’re Mine”
    • The Norwegian-Australian artist, Mileo, offers a synth-heavy track with a unique sound.
  • Eli Kristin performing “Touch of Venus”
    • Eli Kristin, known for her opera background, brings a personal touch to the MGP with “Touch of Venus.”
  • Dag Erik Oksvold and Anne Fagermo with “Judge Tenderly of Me”
    • This duo, who found their musical connection during The Voice, present “Judge Tenderly of Me.”
  • Farida performing “Heartache”
    • Farida returns to the MGP stage with “Heartache,” following her success in various national and international venues.

Third Heat (27 January)

  • KEiiNO with “Damdiggida”
    • KEiiNO, known for their unique blend of Norwegian melodies, joik, and pop, return to the MGP stage.
  • MIIA performing “Green Lights”
    • MIIA, who captivated global audiences with “Dynasty,” presents “Green Lights.”
  • Annprincess with “Save Me”
    • Annprincess, a singer-songwriter from Lier, brings “Save Me,” a song about embracing one’s uniqueness.
  • Thomas Jenssen performing “Take Me To Heaven”
    • Thomas Jenssen, a musician from Levanger, presents “Take Me To Heaven,” a song about vulnerability and authenticity.
  • MISTRA with “Waltz of Death”
    • MISTRA, a duo combining pop and metal, presents “Waltz of Death,” featuring Benedicte Adrian and Anders Odden.
  • Vidar Villa performing “MER”
    • Vidar Villa, known for his energetic music, brings “MER” to the competition, a song about embracing life fully.

Each heat will feature six songs, from which three will qualify for the final, determined by public voting. The final results will be based on a mix of 60% public voting and 40% international jury. The heats take place at NRK Studios in Marienlyst, Oslo, and the grand final will be held at Trondheim Spektrum on the 3rd of February.

The Significance of the Melodi Grand Prix

The Melodi Grand Prix is not just a competition; it’s a platform that launches careers and shapes musical trends in Norway. It brings attention to the diverse array of talent within the country and influences the Norwegian music scene. This year’s lineup promises a blend of genres and styles, making it an exciting event for music lovers and a critical platform for artists aiming for international recognition.

With a diverse array of artists and genres, the competition promises to be a vibrant celebration of music and a stepping stone for Norway’s representation at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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