6 Creative Ways to Wear Your Aesthetic (Playlist Chic)

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Dressing to make a statement is a tale as old as time.  What we wear, how we style our outfits — these are important choices on so many levels. The cultural, spiritual and personal ways that we present ourselves don’t only speak to others, they speak to us as affirmations of who and what we are.

We define ourselves through playlists in the same way. Our playlists speak of our different personas, our most enduring moods. Sure, they’re something to show others, but mostly they’re for us. Our musical taste, our taste in our appearance and in ourselves are all part of the same picture.

Here are a few suggestions to help you remember that there are always ways to keep in touch with that. They range from the mild to somewhat radical.

1) Monogram Jewellery

From engagement rings to punk piercings, jewellery plays an important part in self-expression right across the spectrum.  Its meaning is often intensely personal just in its appearance.  Why not take that to the next level with monogram jewellery?

You know how we often name our playlists after times and people? You can use a similar pattern when you create a monogram. It could be a name, a place – a song – or just initials. Perhaps of your favourite band name! You can then wear this piece as a pendant, bracelet, or even a brooch as an expression of your love of music. 

Monogram jewellery doesn’t have to cost the Earth these days, and we do love wearable mementos. Whether you want a large, loud piece or one so small nobody will notice, you will know what it means.


2) Wardrobe Cull

Ever ended up in that loop where you find you’ve been listening to around 10 artists for the past 3 years?  For that matter, ever wondered how you somehow end up wearing the same two clothing combinations whenever you meet friends (someone say yes.  Please?)

It may be time for a wardrobe cull.  Marie Kondo your wardrobe, clear it out to just the things that you’d really like to wear. Get some new clothes that go well with your old beloved ones.

Then, do the same with your music collection. Find new artists that complement your existing music taste, but bring you something new. 

3) New Hair

Okay, so we’re going teen-makeover here. Dyeing your hair to annoy your parents persists well into adult life, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Still, there are perhaps purer reasons.

Dye your hair because you can. If you ever wonder what you’d look like green, or red, or rainbow, try it! If there’s a colour you think suits you, I can guarantee it does. You’ll really stand out from the crowd at your next gig. 

4) Icona Pop (Culture)

Distill that beautiful moment where you feel just like an extra in one of your favourite music videos (or, pushing the boat out – imagine yourself as the lead singer)

Make a curation of outfits that make you feel like a stage star. Cobble together a mood board of your icons and get ready to match their look for the full immersive experience.

5) Your Four Walls

Our bedrooms are sacred spaces. They’re where all those awful posters went when we were young and didn’t quite know who we were supposed to be worshipping. Your bedroom is often the only place that you can listen to your music and be in your space.

Don’t let the decorating fade into adulthood! Keeping your space as a visual reminder of your identity is comforting and important. If our walls fade into fifty shades of beige, then so do we. You’re never too old to pin up your old ticket stubs and display your vinyls as decor. 

6) Change Your Name

By far the most radical idea on this list, but something your favourite artists have almost all done it to some extent. It helped them define who they wanted the world to know them as.

You don’t need a hit single to own a name that you chose for yourself. For many people it can be a liberating experience and help them push towards a better existence. Curate your identity with the care you use for your most poignant playlists, and don’t ever stop listening to yourself.

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