5 Reasons Why You Must Try Out THC-O Gummies Right Now

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Almost every day, there’s a new development in the world of ‘alternative’ cannabinoids. Most recently, users and manufacturers have shifted their attention to THC-O, which is a synthetic cannabinoid derived by chemically altering natural compounds in the hemp plant. By most accounts, THC-O gummies are up to three times stronger than ‘regular’ THC in cannabis. As such, users should be careful if they plan on buying or trying THC-O gummies or any other type of THC-O product for the first time.

Delving into the world of alternative cannabinoids can be beneficial. It can result in exciting new experiences, but there are a few essential things you need to be wary of. This article discusses five key reasons why you should try THC-O gummies, but more importantly, it discusses how you can try THC-O gummies safely.

  • Several popular cannabis brands make them

One thing that has been a downfall over the years for hemp-derived products is their lack of consistency and the lack of available products from reputable brands. Particularly when you’re talking about potent products like THC-O gummies, you want to make sure that the product(s) you’re using a safe, responsibly made, and that they contain no dangerous chemicals or ingredients.

Several popular big-name brands are delving into the THC-O gummies market, and an ongoing favorite seems to be the strawberry-banana flavored THC-O gummies 25mg from Premium Jane. This company has been around for years and makes some of the most popular CBD products in the USA, so customers can trust that the THC-O gummies range is equally well regarded in terms of quality, consistency, and safety.

  • THC-O gummies offer “next level” potency

Another reason why a person might want to try THC-O gummies, is that they’re incredibly potent. Thanks to the unique chemical nature of THC-O, the bond formed with receptors in the central nervous system is up to three times stronger than that of ‘normal’ THC from cannabis. The result is a potent psychoactive experience that is very different compared to the typical feeling of “being high.”

With that in mind, THC-O gummies aren’t for everyone. If you’re a cannabis rookie, it is not recommended to start out experimenting with THC-O. The good thing about THC-O gummies, however, is you can break them apart into smaller pieces to start low and gauge the effects of the compound before you commit to eating a whole gummy.

  • The effects are out of this world

Of course, the main draw for most people when it comes to THC-O effects is going to be the otherworldly sensation that’s produced. As we’ve said earlier in the article, the effects of THC-O gummies aren’t like that of ‘normal’ THC. Within 20 or 30 minutes of eating a gummy, you can expect to start feeling spacey, as if you’ve just consumed very, very potent cannabis. As long as you venture into the experience understanding how potent THC-O gummies can be, however, you shouldn’t have any trouble. 

  • You might notice some health benefits

Because THC-O shares many chemical and structural similarities with ‘regular’ THC, the benefits of THC-O gummies could very well mimic some of the health benefits of cannabis, at least in some users. While research in THC-O gummies is lacking, it’s possible that some people might find it easier to sleep after consuming THC-O gummies, although this is not something that has been supported by scientific study.  

  • THC-O gummies are available in most states

Perhaps most important of all is the fact that, since THC gummies are made from legal hemp, they are widely available in most states (unlike cannabis products). Hemp as a plant was legalized nationwide back in 2018, and since then, companies have spent vast amounts of resources in order to find new ways to manufacture exciting and novel products from hemp extract.

Customers will see in the coming years how the legality of THC-O gummies shifts and evolves, but for now, the product is much more accessible than most cannabis products, especially for people living in states that does not allow access to regular THC-containing cannabis products.

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