5 Guitar Tricks That’ll Surely Impress Your Listeners

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For many people, playing guitar is considered a luxury considering the time and money, especially time, that need to be invested to learn guitar playing. The hustle and bustle of daily life do not seem to give people the time to learn this musical instrument, whether this is an acoustic guitar or electric guitar.

However, immersing yourself in the guitar sound, learning guitar skills, understanding the same note, showing off awesome guitar tricks, perhaps learning about string bending, and more will provide practical benefits more than you can possibly imagine — from boosting your confidence to becoming a better listener yourself. And you don’t have to do it alone. Nowadays, there are several guitar courses and private lessons that’ll teach you guitar lessons, and other stuff such as how to hold a guitar properly, how to change guitar strings, and a whole lot more.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at the best guitar tips and guitar tricks you can show off to impress your listeners, or your friends and your loved ones. If you haven’t played guitar, this is also the perfect opportunity to explore around. Keep on reading.

Learn These Guitar Tricks That’ll Surely Impress Your Listeners

What better way to play music than to impress your friends? Below are the most impressive guitar tricks that’ll surely impress your friends, colleagues, loved ones, and listeners.

1. The Slapping Technique

This slap technique is very popular among bass players. But this technique can also be done on a guitar.

There are three basic elements to slapping. The first is to slap using the thumb of your right hand over the pickups. The second is slapping with multiple fingers of your left hand onto the strings situated over the fretboard. The third is to pluck notes using the available fingers on your right hand.

With these three ways to create a slapping sound, you can merge them in any order to create the rhythms you want.

2. The Trick, That Is, Tapping

On the other hand, tapping is a trick wherein your right hand taps a string as your alternate this with notes played by your left hand.

One basic way to begin tapping is to look for three notes you want to play using one string and play these as triplets with this sequence: tap, then pull-off, and pull-off.

Your index or middle finger taps the first note prior to pulling them off onto a note held by one of your left hand fingers, which is then pulled off onto another note using the left hand finger.

There are other ways to use the tapping technique, such as with the right hand fingers, using open strings and various rhythms.

3. Impress Your Listeners With Open String Runs

You can see that it’s all about the rhythm. Here’s another guitar trick to impress your listeners: open string runs.

Alternating fretted notes with open strings creates that cascading sound of wonder. For instance, you can take a scale and substitute as many fretted notes as you desire with open strings or the E, A, D, G, B, and E.

The start of the lick is through descending the G Mixolydian scale or the G, A, B, C, D, E, and F from G: G (fretted), F (fretted), D (fretted), and so on.

Get started using open strings when playing with the guitar as your friends and loved ones listen.

4. Take Your Guitar Playing Further With Sweep Picking

You might hear even from the experienced guitar players that sweep picking may be challenging, but it’s actually just merging fretting an arpeggio with the left hand and slowly strumming with your right hand.

The trick with this is to simply match up your fretted note with your pick.

5. Try The Harp Artificial Harmonics Technique

Lastly, the harp artificial harmonics technique. This guitar trick is a variation of artificial harmonics, which in itself is a variation of natural harmonics.

The natural harmonics are usually played on the 5th fret, 7th fret, and 12th fret.

In order to play this way, lightly press your left hand on top of the fret without having to press the string to the fret. Afterward, pick the note.

Then, to create an artificial harmonic, regularly fret a note using your left hand, then use your index finger from your right hand to lightly press on that string 12 frets above the fretted note. Then, pick the string.

Using this technique, the player must hold the pick between the middle finger and the thumb.

Finally, to play harp artificial harmonics, alternate plucking a note with your pinky finger or right hand ring with picking artificial harmonics. This creates a harp-like sound with your guitar.

Plus, this technique works well when you fret a chord with the use of four or more strings without repeating any notes.

A great guitarist does these tricks well, so feel free to learn from them.

Enroll In Courses That’ll Teach You How To Play Guitar Well

Are your friends and loved ones impressed yet? If not, you either need to turn up the energy a bit more or practice the guitar tricks you’ve learned about above even more.

Or, you can enroll in a guitar learning program.

One of the most strongly recommended in today’s industry is the program offered by Classical Guitar Shed. You can take their courses that include “Supercharge Your Sight-Reading,” “Create Your Ultimate Guitar Practice,” “Play And Read Music In The Higher Positions,” and so much more.

Now is the time to take that action. You’ll see that learning to play guitar isn’t a luxury of time and money after all. Be that seasoned guitar play starting today.

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