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Sweden is a beautiful country, but it isn’t just stunning in its landscapes. Not only is Sweden the best place to grow old, but it’s also the second-best for young people, the third best place to be a mother, and the fifth happiest country in the world. They are also the first nation to ban child smacking, give their citizens 16-month paternity and have an anti-discrimination law against LGBT people.

With the best healthcare in the world, Sweden may have fewer citizens than other European countries, but it’s produced a large number of famous people from all walks of life. The list below is full of talented people young and old, so you should check them out after reading this post.

Martin Jacobson

The man with two first names, and a bunch of titles under his belt you probably know him as the guy who plays poker. He’s okay, at it, I mean, he’s only won millions of dollars since playing. He’s the only Swede to have won the World Series of Poker Main Event and took home the 10 million dollar pot.

Jacobson has a total of $16.6 million in live tournament cashes, and has the most wins of any Swed by a long shot as his second-place competitor, Chris Bjorin, has only won $5.7 million. Under the M.nosbocaj screen name, he has scored big on online poker websites. He has also won big in other tournaments, including SCOOP High Main Event, Winter Series Super Tuesday and WSOP. If you want to play poker or other casino games, there are a number of sites available including online casinos for Sweden.


Tim Bergling or Avicii was a famous Swedish musician, remix artist, DJ, and record producer. He started making music at 16, and by 2011 he was already a success with his single “Levels.” Two years after that, he released his album “True,” which rocketed him into stardom.

His music was different than anything else on the radio at the time. Avicii’s mix of popular music and electronica was a critical success. In the US, Australia, and Sweden his album made the top 10 list, along with 12 other countries. Unfortunately, due to his mental health issues, he committed suicide in 2018. His legacy lives on in his music.


You’ve probably already heard of YouTube sensation PewDiePie, but in case you haven’t, here’s a recap. Felix Kjellberg got his start on YouTube playing video games; now he has branched out to other content. He still went back to playing video games, though, and currently has a long Minecraft series.

He recently got married to his long-time girlfriend Marzia and now has over 100 million subscribers – second only to T-Series. His incredibly popular content has touched millions of people all over the world, and his multiple charitable donations have helped poor youths as well.

Greta Thunberg

Greta has recently become famous as one of the youngest environmental activists making a difference with her vegan approach to the global climate crisisShe first started by asking her parents to make a difference in their lifestyle, but after finding her voice, she’s inspired millions to strike.

Creating the “Fridays for Future” movement by asking her peers to strike on Fridays was one of her first global movements, but she has since gone on to speak out on other movements as well. Mainly, the Paris Agreement, which she created an outline for other world leaders to follow. Her speeches have propelled multiple world leaders into action.

Rebecca Ferguson

Ferguson is a young actress that became famous with her role as Anna Gripenhielm in the 1999 soap-opera ‘Nya tider.’ She then went on to earn a Golden Globe for her performance of Elizabeth Woodville in the drama “The White Queen” for best actress.

She has since gone to Hollywood for her more prominent standout role. Some of her more notable films include “Life,” “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” and “The Greatest Showman.” If you’re wondering where she got her singing chops from in The Greatest Showman, she was actually educated at Adolf Fredrik’s Music School in Stockholm and later learned dancing as well. She has also worked for multiple model companies.

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