The 5 Best Music NFT Moments For Investors to Cherish

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Stage concerts halted, commerce revenue came to a standstill, as well as the economy collapsed trickling in for artists in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, which immediately shut them off from every of their primary revenue sources. Circumstances didn’t become any easier as the months passed along. The music business eventually adopted non-fungible tokens in 2021 as a result of a natural form of music artwork that entered the marketplace.

This decision was unavoidable, as we remark. Artists seemed particularly keen to discover alternative revenue sources.

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NFT Music Moments

Foundation, Jacques Greene offers his licensing rights.

Based in the United Kingdom vinyl music label LuckyMe released a major statement around February 2021 that swiftly advanced NFTs as well as the music artwork sector. They announced that another of its verified musicians, the father of digital music Jacques Greene, might be selling the copyrights to his sword-themed song ” in perpetuity.” Promise has been the correctly named single’s label.

This NFT includes the publication copyrights to the song on a complimentary, perpetual basis in addition to a one-on-one AV. We may start letting go of outdated processes as we investigate the potential of artwork upon that blockchain as well as the potential of web 3.

3LAU and the album Ultraviolet NFT

One of the early users of music NFTs may be Justin Blau, more commonly recognized by his moniker 3LAU. Throughout the autumn of 2020, he traded the whole of his primary NFTs. However, that was simply the start. The Ultraviolet collection of 33 distinct NFTs owned by the electronic dancing musical ace brought him an estimated $11.7 million close to the end of February 2021.

The Invention Of Catalog

Earlier around March 2021, the release of Catalog joined the NFT discussion. Their objective is to promote individual musicians and transform the music world. How? by allowing them to speak to their followers directly. It represented the inaugural industry created expressly for audio NFTs, and it represented an innovation in musical artistry with a genuine function.

Steve Aoki Promotes NFTs

In only twenty minutes in early March, Grimes became wealthy to the tune of $6 million thanks to Gemini’s NFT platform Nifty Gateway. The Canadian singer-songwriter received $5.8 million through the sale of a collection of 10 unique virtual works, among which were accompanying original recordings. The WarNymph Series, Vol. 1 is exactly what it was named.

Kings Of Leon Publishes Their Album As Nft

When You See Yourself, the newest single from legendary Nashville punk musicians Kings of Leon will be available for purchase in 2021. They had not published a brand-new music album in 3 years until RCA Labels released it. The band of brotherhood was the initial pop band to release their record at the end of the month as an NFT at the same time. But did it work out for the boy child?

SixNFT Organization Is Established By RAC

The Portland artist and producer RAC, real name André Allen Anjos, became knowledgeable about audio NFTs while launching the SixNFT Company in the spring of 2021. The Grammy-winning musician published his record EGO in 2017 via the blockchain technology beta streaming as well as the digital service Ujo Music.

SongCamp Makes Available Genesis NFTs

Globally renowned performers and visual artists gathered to create three brand-new compositions in the spring of 2021. The musicians spent five weeks working upon those audiovisual songs, which have been later released as audio NFTs, in top groups that eventually adopted rock bands.


NFTs have created a huge splash that is being noticed in the professional education, financial, including creative fields. However, the music business appears to be the only sector offering the clearest guideline for how blockchains may make the founding of property rights possible.


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