3Logy: ‘The Banjo’

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Norway are getting pretty nifty at knocking out a cracking novelty hit of late. And after last week’s ‘Salsa Tequila’, today we get ‘The Banjo’ by 3Logy.

We were caught up in this from the first second. It has an intro that sounds like Aqua’s ‘My Oh My’ (amazing), a classic female Europop vocal (reassuring), and what with it being based around a banjo and all that – echoes of Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ (sorry, we’re sure you’re probably tired of reading that by now. We certainly are). ‘The Banjo’ is no rip-off though. It’s a big tune that’s blatantly been produced specifically for the summer months. And when those are done correctly, they’re supremely enjoyable. This is one of those moments.

3Logy are made up of Jamie aka Thomas Solhaug, JStanley aka Stanley Ferdinandez, and Olly Hence aka Henning Olerud. Between them, they’ve produced for Norwegian popstars from Maria Mena to Lene Alexandra.

Actually, this would have been an amazing Lene Alexandra song;

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