We’d glady Stay The Night!

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They’re back! And in all honesty, they sound and look better than ever.

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New Years Eve just gone saw the return of Alcazar to London. They performed at G-A-Y in the early hours of yesterday morning, and they were even more fantastic than we were expecting. We saw a group that had upped their game even further, the relatively new line up has completely gelled and it was the best we’ve ever seen them. The choreography was slick, intricate, and flawless (Tess has obviously been working them harder than ever in that department). The vocals were live for the whole show as far as we could tell. But the most commendable attribute of the concert was their energy and ability to get the crowd worked up into a frenzy. And Alcazar haven’t had a hit in the UK since ‘This Is The World We Live In’ which makes the crowd reaction all the more impressive. Out of an eight song set, the vast majority of the audience would only have recognised three songs. But the band were very well recieved. Crowd interaction was high on their agenda and they looked like they really enjoyed being touched and groped by the gays at the front of the stage! Most groups would have balked at the over enthusiastic reception they were getting – not Alcazar though!

We had intended to post the setlist here but we were far too drunk to remember which songs were played. Never mind, getting inebriated and into the spirit of things is what we’re sure Alcazar would have wanted! Highlights though, were when they performed ‘Burning’ (the track that a clip of which leaked a few months back), and a cover of Abba‘s ‘Happy New Year’. The whole gig was tremendous though – fun and in the spirit of Alcazar. 10/10.

And now onto some long overdue Alcazar release news. They’ve confirmed that ‘Burning’ will be the new international single, released later this month (‘Stay The Night’, their Melodifestivalen entry will be the next single in Sweden). They’ve also revealed that their new album will be released around March/April and will include ‘We Keep On Rockin’, ‘Inhibitions’, ‘Burning’, ‘Stay The Night’, and ‘Funky Town’.

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