3 videos to watch, and 1 to look forward to.

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Robyn’s comeback is ramped up another gear this weekend with the release of the accompanying video to first single ‘Dancing On My On’. If you’re already familiar with the song, then you’ll have been no doubt mesmerised by the imagery brought about by the song’s lyrics – heartache on the dancefloor. And as you’d hope, this is all brought into the video treatment too. We see a lonesome Robyn looking a bit sad on the dancefloor of a crowded nightclub, and we see the object of her affections kissing another girl. Equally as stunning though, are the shots of her busting some fierce moves whilst as the microphone. The whole affair is as visually stunning as it is sonically beautiful – exactly what we’ve all come to expect from Robyn.

Eurovision is next weekend! We arrived in Oslo this morning and are typing this from the press centre beside Telenor arena right now! Our other favourite entry this year besides Iceland, is Denmark’s brilliantly anthemic ‘In A Moment Like This’. Composed by Thomas G:Son, it’s a catchy as hell pastiche of an eighties rock ballad. The chorus can only be sung by being belted out, mouth wide open! Below is their second rehearsal, and last before the dress rehearsals start next week. It’s a glimpse as to what the final performance will look like on tv, but is obviously just an early run through, so don’t watch it if you don’t want any of the magic taken away from their show on Thursday’s semi final 2!

Remember that ‘holiday resort anthem’ we wrote about three weeks ago? Well, now there’s a video to go along with it. Welcome back, cheesy euro summer pop music!

And finally…..look what’s being filmed out in LA right now;


Hooray! This song has grown on us so much over the last week and we’re now totally in love with it. The Digital Dog remix is also quite wonderful too, and we hope that ‘Saturday’ is huge everywhere this summer. That chorus will just make everything seem better!

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