2nd Melodifestivalen 2010 participant revealed…



And after Darin, it’s another big name – Salem. No, we hadn’t ever heard of him either – but in 2007 and 2008 he certainly had his moment of notoriety in certain musical circles. A number one album, Swedish Grammy awards, and a build up of hundreds of thousands of plays on his myspace page. We’ve spent the morning adding to that tally, listening to the four tracks on his myspace. And whilst they don’t exactly excite us about his entry next year, they don’t fill us with dread either. ‘Roxy’ is undeniably catchy, ‘Astronaut’ has got a certain charm to it, and ‘It’s True’ is actually quite beautiful. And given that it’s not the sort of music we’d ever listen to, we’re actually very impressed. And relieved that we didn’t need to switch off in despair!

Have a listen over at www.myspace.com/salem

His song will be called ‘Keep On Walking’, and he composed it himself. We were all set to write a ‘funny’ pun about changing the title to ‘Jog On’, assuming that we weren’t going to like him. But he’s actually proved us wrong. So we won’t.

Oh, and you may have noticed that we didn’t write about the whole web joker debacle from last week. And we won’t be either. NOT. HAPPY.

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