Top New Album from a Top New Girlband!

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We fell in love with a new album over the weekend. ‘Hvor Som Helst, Når Som Helst’ is the debut album from Danish girlband Sukkerchok. Some of you might have already heard of them, as they participated in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix earlier in the year with their song ‘Det Det’. To be honest, pretty much everything in that contest was overshadowed by Hera Bjork‘s ‘Someday’ to our ears and eyes. We did also really like ‘Det Det’, but had somehow allowed ourselves to forget about them. Thankfully though, they’ve unleashed an album great enough to ensure that their presence is known and felt to the extent that it deserves to be!

Here’s the performance from Melodi Grand Prix;

A friend described it as ”Caracola gone back to the eighties”, and that pretty much somes it up really. ‘Bla Bla Bla’ and ‘Player’ flirt with eighties rock, ‘Det Det’ takes electro music back twenty five years, ‘Farlig For Dig’ has a touch of glam rock about it, and ‘Besat’ actually sounds like it’s been lifted from an eighties comp. There are also a couple of nice, wistful, Nylon-esque ballad on there; ‘Jeg Ved Hvad Du Vil Sige’ and ‘Nar Dine Ojne Finder Vej’.

Our favourite track on there though, is ‘Om Natten Er Jeg Din’. The chorus is just immense. Really powerful despite being really simple.

It’s a remarkable album in that it’s not just the melodies that hit you as being incredibly strong, but the production is also strikingly good too. No matter which sub-genre of pop they’re playing with, the music is tight throughout. If you’re looking for a brand new album to soundtrack your summer, we’d highly recommend this one. We know it’s annoying to read such a gushingly positive review sometimes, but we honestly couldn’t find a flaw with it, so can’t say anything against it!

We’ll leave you with our favourite from the album;

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