10 Years of Danny Saucedo – ‘Tokyo’

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This week ten years ago saw the release of the debut single by Danny Saucedo. On February 14th 2007, following his stint on Swedish Idol, Danny released ‘Tokyo’. It became his first number 1 on the Swedish singles chart, and launched the decade long career of one of the most successful Swedish artists of his generation. Oh yes. A ten year career which now has him more popular than ever, and currently enjoying a Stockholm residency with his NU show (which we’re seeing on Friday night – *SCREAM*).

‘Tokyo’ was written and produced by Jonas von der Burg, Anoo Bhagavan, and Niclas von der Burg, who at the time had been basking in the glory of – amongst other successes – the September album ‘In Orbit’. The song therefore launched him as a dancepop artist, which he maintained for his debut album ‘Heart Beats’ (which featured a disco ball on the record sleeve), and for his next two albums too. Thus it set the tone of the ten year stint that was to come from him. Up-tempo pop belters with top quality productions, and big Swedish melodies. Just how we like ’em.

The song lorded over the Swedish radio airwaves long into the summer months of 2007. And it was that prominence that brought it to our attention. We were obsessed with ‘Tokyo’ then, and we’d even give it credit for playing a part in us starting this very website the following summer. Scandipop music at its absolute finest. Not just in the sense that it was the sort of song that back in 2007 could only have come from the Nordics, but that Sweden was back then pretty much the only place that would shamelessly celebrate a song like ‘Tokyo’ in unabashed awe. Simpler times in Scandinavian pop. And so not only did ‘Tokyo’ launch the career of one of our favourite artists in recent years, it also defined the heights of a particular era in Swedish music.

Happy birthday, you stonking great tune, you.

Check out the music video and live performance below. And also have a listen to our Spotify playlist of Danny’s best tunes from 2007 to today – Från Tokyo Till NU.

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