10 absolute treats to get you in the mood for Eurovision!

We are right in the middle of Eurovision season. And all around the world, proud lovers of a certain kind of pop music are getting ready for next week’s trinity of shows. To get us in the mood, our iPod has been playing nothing but Eurovision songs and Eurovision related music for the past few days. And it struck us that there are plenty of amazing songs with a connection to the Eurovision Song Contest that perhaps some of you might never have heard before. Songs that didn’t actually compete in the contest, but that are far too great to go unheard. So…..we thought we’d go by this year’s contest’s mission statement, and ‘Share The Moment’! We’ve compiled a list of ten must-hear Eurovision related tracks, and we highly recommend you play each and every one of them!

Sister Sway entered this into the UK national finals in 1999, but lost out to Precious. AATW picked it up for release anyway, but even then it failed to chart. It’s a forgotten gem that deserves to be remembered.

Euroband covered Israeli Eurovision classic ‘A Ba Ni Bi’ for their 2008 album which coincided with their appearance at Eurovision for Iceland. They made it into a phenomenal (gay)club track!

Sasa Lendero should have represented Slovenia in 2006 with this. Or any year for that matter! But in 2006 this lost out in the national finals to a song fittingly called ‘Mr Nobody’.

Helena Paparizou won the contest for Greece in 2005. In their national final that year, she performed 3 songs that the public could vote for. ‘My Number One’ won obviously, but this song below was our favourite.

Timoteij were the shining beacon of hope in this year’s Melodifestivalen with ‘Kom’, and should have gone to Eurovision. Their debut album was released earlier in the month in Sweden, and this track is one of our favourites. The whole album is worth checking out actually.

LaGaylia gives us pure unadulterated schlager at the Romanian national finals in 2008. This was co-composed by one of the writers of Carola’s ‘Invincible’, and contains SERIOUSLY one of the best key changes of all time!

Silvia Night followed up her ‘controversial’ Eurovision appearance in 2006 with this single and its amazing video.

Coral Segovia almost got to represent Spain at this year’s Eurovision with this stunning ballad, but fell at the last hurdle unfortunately. Not fair.

Queentastic give one of the campest performances of one of the campest schlager songs of all time. Never has a song lived up to its title so well. This was the song we were so rooting for at the 2006 national finals in Norway.

And finally here’s Dana International’s interval act song from Eurovision 1999 that was later released as a single. Pure ethnic pop euphoria!

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